See below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Families, Illness, and Collaborative Health Care program application, and email us at ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org with further questions.

How do I apply for the 2022-2023 Fellowship?
  • Submit a Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter explaining your interest in the program, Academic Transcript, GRE scores, and 3 letters of reference by December 15, 2021 by email to the Center: (ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org).
I want to distribute the program flyer to a colleague/my department. Where can I download it?
  • You can download the Fellowship Flyer, and download an invited paper describing the Center’s philosophy and programs in Families, Illness, and Collaborative Health Care.
Do I need to submit an official GRE report?
  • We prefer an official GRE report. You can contact ETS for an official copy of your scores, and use our Designated Institution (DI) Code 0820 to indicate the Chicago Center For Family Health as a score recipient.  Visit the ETS website at www.ets.org for more information on sending and receiving your GRE scores (as of Fall 2021), or go to Sending Your Scores and Ordering Additional Score Reports for more details.
Neither ETS nor my graduate department have a copy of my GRE scores, but I personally have an official copy. Can I submit this with my application?
  • If you are unable to send your GRE scores through ETS/your graduate department but have a copy of the official report, you may scan and submit to us with a brief note explaining the above.
I did not take the GRE. What should I do?
  • Indicate on the Fellowships Application Checklist you will submit with your other materials that you do not have GRE scores available.
Do I need to submit an official transcript with my application?
  • Yes. If you are not able to send an official transcript from your school/university, please contact us at ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org.
Can I submit my transcript electronically through my school?
  • Yes. Some graduate departments are able to send transcripts directly to our institution via e-mail, or make your records available electronically. The administrative contact for this method is Lesley Parent, Administrative Coordinator, at ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org.
How should I send my references?
  • References written on letterhead may be sent via e-mail or mail to the attention of John Rolland, MD.
  • E-mail references must come directly from the recommender to ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org, as a scan/attachment.

Still have questions about the application process? Email us at ccfh.admin@ccfhchicago.org.

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